Increase your customer acquisition by simplifying your lead management with the help of a structured lead funnel.

Effective lead management ensures that the lead flows smoothly down the lead funnel for conversion.

Fasten your lead conversion rates with ChiefEx.

  • All your leads from various sources at one place

Fill in the lead contacts manually or import them. 

Save all your contacts (employees, business, vendors, leads, etc) in a sorted manner. 

Also, edit the contacts whenever required.

  • Add new leads

Easily add new leads with just a few clicks.

  • Label your lead status 

Easily put a label to your leads as per the action initiated. 

Always keep the labels updated.

  • Leads filtration 

Filter your leads based on the likelihood of their conversion.

Grade your leads as per the potentiality.

  • Easy access to contacts 

Search your contacts by company name, contact name, mobile number.

Search for any contact, in particular, through the search field.

  • Export the lead data

Export your lead data with just a few clicks.

  • Assign them to your sales team

 Share all the lead information with the sales team right from the software itself.

Easily sort out leads in the ChiefEx cloud application.

Based on the status of leads you can segregate them as new, contacted, need to call again, interested, etc, or as you need.

New: These constitute the fresh new leads that you need to contact.

Need to call again: These are the contacts that you have contacted but failed to connect due to some reason.

Interested: these are the contacts that have genuinely shown interest in your product or service.

Expired: no contact for a longer period of time.


Save and sort it as you like.

It makes your lead management process simpler and more dynamic.

Get more profit at less effort.

Ready to experience the boost in conversion rates?

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