Make your business more dynamic and agile by automating the sales and purchase cycle.

Smooth, transparent, and automated software for making your business workflow flawless.

Speed-up your enterprise cashflow with ChiefEx cloud application

  • Easily create and send quotations

Create and send professional sales quotations (both final and estimated) in just a few clicks.

  • Automate payment reminders 

Set the payment reminders as per your desired time frame.

The software will automatically send it to your customers.

  • Automate recurring invoices

No need to create invoices again and again.

Set the software on a recurring mode and it will automatically fire the invoice on a timely basis.

  • Easy time tracking on a deal

Track the time passed on your particular bills and invoices.


  • Receive faster payments

With the help of auto-reminders, you receive the payments at a faster rate. 

All you need to transform your business complexity into simplicity

  • Customization

  • Workflow Automation

  • Seamless collaboration

Easy management and execution of all your sales and purchase operations such as quotations, purchase enquiries, orders, and much more.

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let ChiefEx handle the hassle of your sales and purchase activities with its automation.

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