A complete 360-degree business report

Visually compelling and precise data of every task in graphical as well tabular form, right from leads, sales, purchase, campaigns, and much more.

A detailed comprehensive report of your business infused in a single dashboard.

Get ahead of time with ChiefEx autogenerated reports

Dynamic and accurate business data

Actionable business data for making well-informed and dynamic decisions.

A structured framework to easily access data across leads, sales, purchase, campaigns, and much more.

Easily switch between any data sections with one click.

Customized reports

Custom-select any particular timeline for which you want to access the data.

The report will appear on your screen for the selected timeline.

A tabular and graphical report format

Preview your report in both the formats, graphical as well tabular.

Have a broader perspective on your data with ChiefEx.

Two click data export 

Export your data easily in various formats with just two clicks.

A blueprint of your enterprise success assembled in one smart software.

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